Tuesday, July 04, 2006

90 Day Detentions (again)

I agree, completely, with Tim Worstall, and it's not often I get to say that, so here's the link:
Apologies for this outbreak of crudity but the one eyed Goblin King can fuck right off. *

What is the point of taking away our liberties in order to fight those who would take away our liberties?
DK goes a bit further and R-M has some outraged reactions. To think I nearly put some complimentary stuff in my previous post about him. We're screwed, the Labour leadership wants constitutional reform, but only to give them more power, the Tories are giving the name "stupid party" even more meaning.

90 days is not an answer

Look, Gordon, we've gone through this one before. As Rachel so eloquently put it:
I am not surprised that terrorists seek to do what they can to attack my democratic society, to threaten my liberties, to spread fear, to seek to divide us.

I do not expect my democratically-elected government to do the same.
Her words summed up all our reactions then. They remain true now. Gordon? 90 days without trial? Fuck off.

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