Monday, February 20, 2006 Zeitgeist 2005

I mentioned my MP is pretty good, right? Well, he's one of 29 with a 100% success record from the Beta Test - Zeitgeist 2005 (Adrian Sanders, 16th). I'm one of those respondents; only used the service once, I've got his email address now.

For those wanting to contact their MP, find out where they stand, etc, I heartily recommend this service. Some of the notable responses are telling...

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chris said...

But the reason for him being good is that his majority is wafer thin, so any misstep with the people that elected him and he looses that fat salary and inflation proof pension. A little fear goes a long way. If in our new constitution we are going to reform voting (specifying the system should not as part of the constitution itself but it is one of the issues around it) then making them all as afraid of their voters as Rt Hon Adrian Sanders would be a good thing.