Thursday, February 09, 2006

Blogger playing up?

Is anyone else having problems getting posts to publish? I write up a post, I get a 'please republish your blog in ten minutes' error. I do that, I get the same error. But as soon as someone comments on a post, the problem is fixed and the new post is published.

Very weird, and rather frustrating. Ah well.

Oh, the new colour background is growing on me now, so it might stay until I write my own template from scratch, even if it is a little grey and sludge like ;-)


Nosemonkey said...

Yep - it's been doing that on and off for a week or so. Oddly, it's also sometimes been making post pages inaccessible, even though the posts themselves appear on the front page.

I hate the internet.

MatGB said...

Haven't had that happen (yet), but still, at least I have a post to comment to when trying to get a new post through.

I love the Internet, I just hate it when it plays up. In this case it's Blogger. So we can blame Google.

MatGB said...

FFS let me post already, it's been queing for over an hour!

MatGB said...

And still doing it.