Friday, February 17, 2006

Edumacated readership - geeky interlude

Just looked at the stats for the day; two of our busiest days yet, this is good. Anyway, one thing impressed me. There's a campaign ongoing to get website authors, etc to acknowledge that there are browsers that aren't installed by Microsoft. There are even sites that celebrate people that manage to get above 50% of their readers using non-IE browsers. Well, since I've been counting, there has only been one day where IE has hit 50%+, that was when the blonde joke got linked to by someone on a fan forum for The Libertines (I mean, of all bands? I felt dirty)...
Perc.Browser NameVersion

I am proud of you all...


Anonymous said...

Has the browser 'Camino' shown up on any of your stats? Just cause that's what I use on my Mac and at uni, and as far as I can tell it has no "Identify as" area like Opera.

It's possible may be showing up under Mozilla, as that's what it's based on - it's just rather better at working on and fitting into a Mac

snooo said...

The 1.0.7 is probably me... damn ubuntu backports not upgrading to 1.5, damn them!

Anonymous said...

If only IE did not still have a hold over big corporations. I nearly got into serious trouble for downloading and using Firefox as my web browser when my employer found out, despite the fact that I'd been using it without problems for over a year. I was rather perturbed when the IT director hadn't heard of Firefox...

MatGB said...

Pink; Camino shows up, yes, it depends on when I do a crawl.

Snoo; keep meaning to install Ubuntu, tried last week, it crashed on my, it may be a project for this weekend, but reinstalling Windows is never fun.

Katherine, that's scary, our IT guy came in, first thing we got from him was admin priviledges for myself and our transfers guy, then we both installed Fx. For someone in IT to not even be aware of it? That's just wrong.

That may also mean the company website isn't compliant, that would be really bad for business. Getting IT and big companies to switch over is the next task for the campaigners; I'll stick to my company and work up from there...

Snoo; 1.0.7 is also me at work, haven't got around to upgrading yet.