Monday, February 13, 2006

BlogCode: Shiny Thing

Shiny Thing
Tim has a new shiny thing, based on the very cool StoryCode, we have today the launch of the beta version of BlogCode. Alpha testing it was fun. Still got some quirks to iron out, but essentially you read a blog, you code it at the site, it recommends other blogs similar to the blog you've read.

For example, if we look at the entry for Not Little England, we find that it's similar (currently) to Harry's Place, Chicken Yoghurt and Europhobia, which makes sense, similar topics, etc (not sure about Harry's Place as top result, go get coding people). Quirk? Well, down at 71.89% similar, we have a blog called, um, Great Britain, not little England, which is similar to Quaequam and BSSCWorld. Which I also agree with.

It's still cool, and if a blog you like isn't in there, add it. The more we add, the more people code blogs, the better it gets at recommending them. Shiny Thing! I'll be adding in the code for 'similar blogs' later, off out now...

Update: Harry's dropped below 5th I see, and the two entries are combined. Yay! Everyone like the little box to the right with updated similar blogs?

Icon credit to Innerbrat, who's more of Red Dwarf fan than me, which is scary, considering.


Anonymous said...

Dear Matt

Do you have an email address?


MatGB said...

Hi Adrian,

Yes, I do, matbowles at gmail dot com

I've mailed you on your address assuming you are who you appear to be.