Friday, August 18, 2006

Deadly Baby Bottles and other liquid "threats"

Still on the "it doesn't add up" schtick I'm afraid. This email sent to Interesting People is a good analysis, and Craig Murray has more on some of the other elements:
One aspect of the alleged bomb plot which has provided a tremedous boost to the atavists, is the so-called "Baby bottle bomb" ... there is nothing uniquely Islamic about infanticide. Indeed, in the last two days the news bulletins have covered prominently the stories of a British man who allegedly jumped from a balcony clutching his two children in Crete, and the inquest on a woman who threw herself under her train with her nine year old child.

Horrible? Yes. Have Muslims wreaked more horror on the World, either historically or in the last five years, than those professing other religions? No.
The leaks and spin coming from various "sources" bother me as well. If there is actually a plot, if there is evidence, have these guys got a chance of a fair trial? No. You know what that means? No conviction, we can't get the bastards. If they're actually guilty (and every day that if gets bigger), then we need to get them jailed. Trial by media is a bad idea, right?
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Anonymous said...

"Trial by media is a bad idea, right?"

Yes, of course. But on the other hand, the first Damilola Taylor suspects still got a fair trial. The Stephen Lawrence suspects got one. Maxine Whatshername got one. Sion Jenkins got three . And (going across the pond for a moment) Michael Jackson got one. Those were all nationally reported cases rife with leaks, speculation and table-pounding opinions from national dailies at the investigation stage.

The evidence tends to suggest that juries still try cases on the evidence they hear no matter what's going on in the papers, which is why they are fundamentally a good thing. 

Posted by Katy Newton