Friday, August 18, 2006

Blogging and stuff

Busy, in case you hadn't figured. In the meantime, I've linked a few times to Steve, who it turns out is randomly a friend of a former housemate of mine and Paul's, although we've never met, small world. Anyway, he now writes for new blog/news site, The Slant, which I'm plugging because, well, it's good. His first article:
Thousands of pupils received their A-level results today, and amazingly the UK seems to be getting more intelligent than ever!

In the spirit of the occasion, the rest of this article will be multiple choice:
Seriously, go read the rest. For the record, he thinks even less of Ruth Kelly than me. Seriously, it is possible. Anyway...

What should I write next?

I've been busy at work (see terror alerts and false flags, all over the newspapers and below), but it's about time I wrote a decent, substantive article. I've got 3 in my mind, fleshed out to a point where I just need to find time to type them up. Which d'you want first?
  1. The Cameron Project: What he's up to and why it should work
  2. Tactical Voting: It's a myth, it doesn't exist (seriously)
  3. House of Lords reform: I missed Lords Reform day on here, but put up a few links on my journal (Blogger went down), I could flesh that out a bit?
Anyone got a preference? Also...

Blogger Beta

I've been playing around with the new version of Blogger (via) here, it does actually seem rather good, so even though there isn't a 3-column option (yet), I'll likely switch when they'll let me, the good bits more than outweigh the bad. Category tags for a start, and easy feed displays &c. So expect a few weirdnesses as I do silly stuff to get it to work. I'm so not looking forward to going back to label every post.
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Anonymous said...

I'd be interested to read about the Cameron project, particularly why it should work. To me, he looks increasingly like Blair-lite, all spin and no substance.It worked for Blair but aren't we generally getting to the point where we can see through that sort of thing? 

Posted by Garry

Anonymous said...

Oooh, do constitutional reform.

(And do it better than poor Owen Barder)


Posted by Martin Keegan

Anonymous said...

I'd like the see the tactical voting one, because I want it explained why you think that's remotely true... 

Posted by Jonn

Anonymous said...

Well, bear in mind the name of my forthcoming domain to move to is voting taktix (because I've had taktix registered for ages anyway), it's a semantic point rather than an actual assertion of fact.

Martin; are we talking at Owen's, or on The Sharpener? I forget seeing an article of his recently.

Garry, it's my likely first choice, but I want it to be a good one. Might end up being more than one entry actually, and may actually need the voting one first, silly me forgot I need to establish some terms of reference. And "we" can see through that sort of thing. But most people don't pay enough attention, and even if they do, it may not effect their vote that much. 

Posted by MatGB