Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tony & Co - out of touch bullies?

Jack Thomas:
Tony, ... understand that what you are doing is not protecting people, its is not making us safer. It is forcing people into a authoritarian relationship. It is a breaking of their sense of self. Just because you have lost touch with yourself, more than likely over the many crimes you have commited, sanctioned and forced onto the nation since you came to power is no reason to drag us into your escape mechanism of authoritarian conduct, submission, unthinking, all consuming, automaton ideal.


Bob Piper said...

I can now see why JT's site is called surreal. The words overegging and pudding come to mind. I don't know if you have ever travelled, but could I recommend a week or two in a totalitarian regime for your holidays.

Bishop Hill said...

JT's comments seem perfectly reasonable to me. (And I have lived in a totalitarian country).

MatGB said...

Bob, I have no problem with a bit of hyperbole when it's in the "get Blair to resign" cause.

But, if'n you want to talk over-egging, I take your authoritarian regime and raise you by 45 minutes.

Get Blair out, see whether el Gordo is serious in the much hinted "not an authoritarian nut" stakes and maybe the bll game could change.