Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Backlinks: link here!

Blogger has it seems over the weekend given us an easier to use, slightly less effective although much harder to spam competitor to trackbacks. Last week, I spent a bit of tie researching if it was possible to run trackbacks on blogger without using haloscan, which I really dislike. After our favourite dairy product switched to Haloscan in order to run trackbacks over the weekend, I was almost tempted. Then I sw the option to enable them while tweaking something else, and after the WTF reaction, started looking into things.

So, an experiment to see how good they are; link to this post, and if you're on blogger set up backlinks of your own; it's already enabled in my template, (I turned it on and it was there, yay!) so it may already appear for you, unless you're Nosemonkey, who will probably have to recode the site from scratch again...

Tomorrow night, I'll look at the backlinks, add them to a new post, and we'll see how they go; deal? Go on. Not just whoring for links to the new blog,honest guv'nor!

[Edit: Nosemonkey just called me a cheeky bastard, but he did link to this post, so we'll see if it works- Mat-14/10/05]


Nosemonkey said...

Ha - done! And it only took me twenty minutes. (Anger... Rising...)

Justin said...

Right, I'll bite. I've linked to you as well. Let's see if this dog will hunt.