Monday, October 10, 2005

Freedom breakthrough: the nannies drop a plan

Nosemonkey brings us the news that they've figured out telling us how to live is difficult. I hate smoking, filthy habit. But many of my friends do, and given my lack of sense of smell, it's never bothered me. My favourite Paignton cafe is a smoking cafe, they do such a great omelette I don't care. The only reason I could see for the ban was staff health and safety, but that can be worked around, and it's already banned at the bar itself. Simple solution to the govt: make pubs, etc. put up a sign and in their ads saying how much smoking is allowed, and let individuals make the choice? Market forces will decide, and then there can and will always be a few pubs for the unhealthy reprobates and their tolerent friends.

[Edit: a friend took a completely opposed view on his livejournal, and we had a debate, made me think through a few of the issues a little more than I had; non-smoking areas are essential for some, and unenforced n-sm policies are downright dangerous. Perhaps this is an area where the market does need a little more assistance?]

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