Friday, October 21, 2005

Updates: Piglets, torture and stuff

Muttawa gives us the good news that Dudley Council has realised they got carried away when they banned Piglet et al, a follow up from my opinions here on the ban itself and here on the right to cause offense.

Meanwhile, in a related story to Paul's observations on torture, Craig Murray points out further evidence that the British Government is quite happy to torture people itself. There's plenty doing the rounds about why torture just doesn't work, so no need to repeat myself here.

In not-blog-related but possibly useful info for any readers we've thus far picked up, I'm typing this on a brand new PC, the old one was on its last legs and crashed on me once too often last week. There are some articles pending, apologies for the delays, I really want to address the future of the Tory party and a needed realignment, and the English question really does need to be addressed somewhere outside of the comments sections. However, as I'm also no longer single, life is getting in the way on a few fronts. I'll get them done, I've got a folder full of links on the Tory article.

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