Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Nannies strike again...

Another one? Does this government actually value freedom in any way? If people are getting too drunk on public transport and causing a nuisance, the way to deal with this is to have them arrested for being drunk and disorderly or causing a public nuisance. Not stop responsible drinkers from buying a drink on the train home from wherever they may be travelling from.

Drinking bans, smoking bans, enforced buying of white elephant ID cards, threats to serve ASBOs on supermarkets...

I regularly buy a drink when I'm on a train journey home, no particular reason other than I like to and want to. Blair's been trying to quote JS Mill around a lot recently, but it's obvious he hasn't understood a damn word of On Liberty. And Hattersley seems to want to read more into Rawls than should be found.

Essentially, this is another example of NuLab trying to nanny us all. I'm fed up with being told where I can do legally allowed things, told who I am (for my own safety of course) and being denied the right to live like a responsible adult. Without the ability to make choices and be responsible for my actions, I am not free. NuLab doesn't like freedom it appears.

Given the increasing agreement from both the opposition parties, is a potential anti-Labour alliance in the works? Let's hope so, this dodgy lefty would rather them back in than more NuLab nanny statery.

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