Thursday, November 10, 2005

Elsewhere: 90 days and 90 nights

Well, I want to rant all about the votes today, but, well, the UK blogosphere (can we come up with a better word than that please?) has been all over it all day, so I'll leave it for someone who, apparently, this is all for. Rachel was in the Tube for 7/7, if she thinks Blair and the Elephant are not acting in her name, then they're most certainly not acting in mine.
And I will not meekly accept claims that this is to be done in my name. This is panicking, this is fearful, this is not helpful. I expect better than this, and I deserve better than this. We all do.
I'll leave it for Devil's Kitchen to sum up. Even Ian Paisley voted no. If that great scourge of domestic terrorists couldn't bring himself to support it, then why should anyone?

Not in my name. Vote of confidence on something coming up soon? Maybe the 3rd reading? Will Blair last until it gets through the Lords?

[OT] I'm off for a bit as of tomorrow, Germany to play silly games, then London for a bit to have fun. Paul'll still be about, so I'll leave you to his more academic and reasoned approach; I'll be stealing internet access from friends on occasions, so I may pop my head around the door.


Rachel said...

Thanks you for the link.

I'm a damn site happier.

Rachel said...

I mean, than I was before the vote of the afternoon...

MatGB said...

I'm hoping for lots of fun with the lords, but, essentially, if you keep writing like that, expect a lot more links.