Monday, September 25, 2006

A week's worth of posts

OK, maybe I won't link here for every post, some of them are simple link/discuss anyway.

I fixed the template (bloody flash menues hidden in a javascript file), took the piss out of the pope, linked to this excellent post by Rachel, did a bit on blogging generally, partizanship and the New Tory Labour promo that Tim is running for the Lib Dems. Then I found some cool wallpapers and turned a question from the tactical voting post into an explanation of how STV could work in Britain, with some advantages. I've actually got a speech from Lord Trimble saved, planning to go through it, he went through a massive set of reasons why STV is bad, all of them are reasons why I think it's good. A genuine case of YMMV on that one.

Ended the week with a story that repeats from this time last year; they've banned Walter Wolfgang from the Labour conference delegates area, despite him being elected to their NEC. Off to London tomorrow for the week, should be fun.


Skillipedia said...

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MatGB said...

Note to spammers. Go away, I still get notifications and I'll still delete everything you post.

ATTILA said...

Awesome. I like your style.

MatGB, still deleting? loooool

MatGB said...

Yup, still deleting spam comments, don't like them.

Probably ought to just turn new comments off, but sometimes someone finds an older post that's relevent to them.