Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New blog home - Voting TaKtiX

Right, it's not like I haven't been saying I was going to do it for months, but the new site is up and, sort of, running:

Voting TaKtiX: Because democracy needs an informed electorate

Still lots of work to do, and the template is giving me a headache, I've been styling it nicely all afternoon, it was beginning to look about right,t hen I looked at it in Internet Explorer. I mean, it still needs work, but, well, it's FUGLY in IE. Bill Gates must die for the horrors he inflicts on web coding. Anyway...

I need to change the feeds over, and do a few more tweaks, so in the meantime, I've set the feed from hereto 'full', and will link to any new posts, for a bit. When it's all up and running, I'll finally set this site down, delete the blogroll from here, etc. But for now, we're good. LJ users will find the new syndication here

Why change?

Well, I always did want to blog at my own domain, it makes a lot more sense and gives more control. Also, while I had planned to use the new blogger beta, I did a test install of Wordpress (I need to test it for work) and, well, it's so good.

Those promised substantive articles will follow, promise, I just decided to get re-started at the new place.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. I'll have a look again in the morning, but it's a bit weird on Safari on the Mac. FIne on Opera, though. 

Posted by Backword Dave

Anonymous said...

The yellow titles are overlapping in Firefox at the moment. 

Posted by Longrider

Anonymous said...

Weird, it is not happening to me on either the work or home PC, Pete's screenshots appear to be what you're describing. I may have to go back tot he default theme for a bit :-( 

Posted by MatGB

Anonymous said...

I've found this rather useful recently while fiddling with a few sites - doesn't tell you how to fix what's wrong for different browsers and systems, but at least lets you see what others can: 

Posted by Nosemonkey

Anonymous said...

That's the site i was looking for awhileback, thx, knew it was out there but couldn't find it.

Styling in Wordpress is annoying though, nopreview, might need to do a second install from the same database hidden somewhere and mess with that :-(

Still, it works, the categorisation is taking ages but is very cool, and it's on my domain, I own it, I can upload what I like easily... 

Posted by MatGB

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