Monday, September 18, 2006

Tactical Voting: Myths and reality - Voting TaKtiX

I've finally broken the block, here's the promised article on tactical voting:
When you vote, do you vote Expressively, or Rationally? Most party activists and committed partizans will vote expressively, and assume that voters do likewise. However, many voters will vote rationally, seeking to maximise the impact their vote will have on the result. It is this tendency, that most activists find hard to relate to, that leads to the phenomena referred to as “tactical voting”. Still with me? Good, let me explain…
Tactical Voting: Myths and reality - Voting TaKtiX


TaKtiX said...

Comment received from "Amy":
I've been doing it for years! Although my favourite party is the NDP (yes I'm Canadian), I almost always voted for the Liberals, hoping that would help beat the Conservatives, because I knew NDP wouldn't end up getting elected. Now I know what this kind of phenomenon is called. :)
She had a profile link directly to:

Which has every appearance of a very dodgy spam blog by a disreputable SEO company. So comment left, but link removed. Amy, you appear to be a real person. You may not even realise what it is you're actually doing or linking to. If this is true, please, get a better job.

If you do know what you're doing? You are a pox on the internet and deserve to be run out and shot. Or similar, I'm not picky.

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