Friday, September 30, 2005

Reclaiming the nation for the liberal majority

Great Britain, not little England

That's what the nation state I belong to is, Great Britain. Yet it's under threat, not from some foreign menace, not from an overseas power, and not even from those who intentionally wish to break up the Union. It's under threat from it's own Government, which is determined to destroy the civil liberties and open minded ideals that made Britain great. It's under threat from small minded 'nationalists', who want to stop the world and get off, abandon our position as a great trading nation and blame Brussels for everything they dislike in the world. It's also under threat from reactionaries who want to set the constitution in aspic and refuse to reform or adapt. Let us remake Britain for the 21st Century.

An increasingly centralised, Westminster run society is losing touch with it's roots, and attempts to reform are either ridiculed or watered down so badly that they become counter productive. England has a democratic deficit, but those campaigning to fix it with a Parliament of its own would destabilise the Union in a much more damaging manner than this Government could ever manage. We support reforms to the constitution of this nation that decentralise and it's elected institutions and give them real power. The Scottish and Welsh devolutions are the first step, but we must ensure that future devolutions have genuine powers and do not threaten the existence of the state.

We reject ID cards, we reject attacks on our freedoms of speech, we defend the rights of an Englishman to live in his own castle. Voltaire was right, freedom of speech is an absolute. The reprehensible views of racists cannot be censored, they must be answered. Reason can, and must win through, to arrest someone for "glorifying" an act is to assualt the basic principles of this nation.

Great Britain was founded in 1707, nearly three hundred years ago. The anniversary approaches. Are we doing anything about it? Let's be proud to be British, and remember that we are also English, Welsh, Scottish or whatever. Let us look to the future and be proud of our heritage, not look to the past and try to bolt the doors.

I'm a Devonshire, Westcountry, English, British European. I can be, and am, proud to be all of these things. Maybe it's because I've actually read a few history books?


alfie said...

Sorry - don't understand the logic here Mat. Particularly this - The Scottish and Welsh devolutions are the first step, but we must ensure that future devolutions have genuine powers and do not threaten the existence of the state.'

What 'future devolutions' are these then?
Peleeeze don't tell me that a 'regionally devolved agenda' is the right model - because that simply is not right. Tone and his acolytes open the Pandora's box of devolution - you simply cannot have ‘part’ devolution, it ain't democratic - at all.

WHY am I a 'little Englander' because I want what the Scots and the Welsh have - as of right? And why aren't Scottlish and Welsh supporters of parliaments thus described by you as 'little Scotlanders' and 'little Waleans'

I don't actually care if the union is a busted flush - that's not my concern. Blair should have thought of that end game before he suggested such stupidity.
Perhaps it's the arrogance of power that appals me. The arrogance that New Labour could think they could put Prescott in control of English constitutional matters - and that we would be satisfied with whatever fag packet solutions he could think of just sums it all up really. Why couldn’t WE have a national referendum – just like the Scots and the Welsh?

The first thing we need is an English Parliament - nothing less. Then we'll have a talk as an equal partner with the other countries of the union - on the way it should progress. That is right and it’s democratic.

The rise in a national consciousness is growing exponentially - and when Gordon Brown takes the helm - and he starts bringing in legislation on Health, Education, Transport and the English constitution - just watch the English indignation. It'll take your breath away – and no amount of media waffle, political spin or panicky pro British, anti little English blog sites are going to stop it.

Anonymous said...

It appears that you're just another anti-English twat pal! Otherwise you would not have called youre blog "Great Britain, not little England". You would have called it "Great Britain, not little scotland, wales and England". The jocks and taffs are doing much more to ruin "Great Britain", but you fail to even mention them. So, you must be on the other side. Either that, or you're just plain thick! Judging by what you've blogged so far, i'd say it's the latter you tool!

The Blind-Winger Jones said...

Totally agree with that - I'm a Yorkie, a Yorkshireman, a Northerner, and Englishman and my passport say's I'm British. Hell, I even feel a bit European. The little-Englanders, Scotlanders, Waleans are daft - no other word for it.

Keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

I agree with your site. I am British first (as I am of English and Welsh descent) and then an Englishman (in cultural terms)second. Do we in England really have to be as small-minded as the Scottish National Party or Plaid Cmryu. Those parties are as stupid as Sinn Fein/IRA was in Ireland in the 1920's and look where that got them - an Ireland seemingly permanantly partitioned!

You can be proud to be British AND English, Scottish, Welsh or an Ulsterman. The 'Little Englanders' over at the bigoted and the sites make me fume.

Kheng said...

Brilliant blog. As a non-Briton living in the UK, I find it amazing that so many different nationalities (English, Scottish, Pakistani etc.) can live together in a state and still be a united kingdom. All the little Englanders and petty nationalists don't understand that this is what makes Britain great, and a shinning example to states that are torn apart by sectarian and racial rife such as the former Yugoslavia, Russia etc. Petty nationalism is by definition divisive and a slap in the face to the values that make up the UK. Keep up the good work!