Friday, September 30, 2005

News from elsewhere

One of the most worrying stories of the week was the expulsion from the Labour conference. Not the story in and of itself you understand, we've come to expect this sort of behaviour from the nanny-staters. It was the bit when I looked at the newspapers and fond myself agreeing 100% with a front page Daily Mail headline. Consider Phlebas has a nice little round up. He also gives us a nice link here to the Virtual Stoa. I always liked Locke myself, although I prefer Mill. However, Nosemonkey wins the best title award for the news summary of the event.

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PaulJ said...

It's just a shame that Consider Phlebas gets Locke wrong though. I was reading that whole article going 'Except...' and the except is that whilst Locke did believe in common ownership he wasn't against private property because the state of nature was one of abundance. There was enough room for everybody to take what they wanted, especially considering Locke was writing at a time when settlers were just exploring America and finding it to be fucking huge.

It also explains why Locke was so uptight about theft - theft wasn't a case of stealing because of need, but stealing through desire. It was irrational to steal, and by deign of being irrational, man placed himself outside of The Order Of Things and basically became little more than an animal.

So it's a good article, definately well written, just flawed, that's all.