Monday, June 26, 2006

Dave's Speech, a Bill of Rights?

Ok, I'm swamped at work, and Dave goes and makes a speech promising some radical reform. Except that, well, he seems to have fluffed it. I've been trawling around; does anyone have anything good to say about it? Blogsearch gives me nothing. Best I've found is Liadnan at NM's:
I am, nevertheless, hopeful, that this could turn into serious thinking on constitutional matters in general. I see it as a major problem with this Government's reforms that they have been piecemeal and incoherent.
It appears to me it's miss informed posturing and playing to the gallery. Obsolete has an excellent summary of the principle objections. Of course, a decent, enforcable Bill of Rights would require a new constitutional settlement. Something I'm wholeheartedly in favour of. With both Brown and Dave posturing on the issue, and the LibDems completely committed to such an endeavour, is it possible that the parties may start competing on who can do the best job of fixing the constitution?

I'd love to think so. Odds? Hmm. "This is your captain speaking, we do apologise for the turbulence, this was caused by a flock of pigs getting caught in the engines..."

If anyone does find someone that both knows what they're talking about and thinks Dave is on the right lines, throw me a link?

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