Sunday, February 12, 2006

More FUD from Labour

So Gordon Brown would like us to believe that there have been three foiled terrorist attempts since 7/7, and that the best way to avoid these in the future, is to roll out ID cards as soon as possible.

Well, bollocks. We've had this debate many times before. Not only does someone need to explain to us exactly how ID cards will prevent terrorist attacks, but also they need to somehow convince us that these terrorist attacks that they can't go into detail about actually happened. I'd love to think myself a conspiracy theorist and a loon, but well, Labour has lied to us before on the small matter of invading a foreign country and still not apologised, so why shouldn't they lie to us now. Especially with this announcement coming the day before talks are to resume on the issue of ID cards. If we're at threat, surely the public should know as soon as possible, not when it is politically convenient for the government to tell us.

So no, terrorist attacks or not, I'm still not buying it. Stop wasting time and money and get back to making changes that might make a difference, like channelling that money into the police force or something. You think the government would get bored of trying to find a way to bring in ID cards (I'm almost getting tired of writing about it, that's for sure) but no, they keep on bringing it up over and over again. Ah well, another election in a few years, eh?


Biodun said...

I posted on this ID card business yesterday. From what I hear, they've gone too far to go back -
Parliamentary approval or not.

I'd like to know just how much of our money has been spent on them so far.

MatGB said...

Lots, I suspect. *goes to read your post*

And finish tweaking the template so it works...

Anonymous said...

Listening to Brown this morning was staggering. He sounded as if he was reading from a preprepared speech. And a crap one at that. Could he be any duller?