Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bob Geldof?

Really? I mean, who is that supposed to help? It sure doesn't look good for the image of Bob Geldof to be associated with a conservative, predominantly right-wing party having been so venomously anti-capitalist in the past, and it doesn't exactly look brilliant for the Tories, who surely know look to be jumping on the cool band wagon supplied by 'hipster' Dave.

There must be people better suited to helping the Tories develop sound policy on global policy - people, say, who have done real research into it or dealt with the issue in the past. Hell, there might even be some Tories around who remember dealing with it last time they were in power. Bob Geldof is an important mouthpiece for the cause, that's for sure, but that doesn't mean he really understands the issue any more than anybody else.

And anyway, is Geldof not somewhat of a busted flush after the lacklustre legacy of Live 8? The biggest of the big promises certainly didn't happen to the extent that Geldof and co. assured us they would, and by and the large the event slipped into the ether with barely an acknowledging nod from those with the power to really change anything. It's not like I'm the first person to notice that or anything either - criticism of Geldof has been pretty widespread almost everywhere in some form or another.

Note to the Tories - New, Fresh, Cool - all good. Grasping - not so good. They'll be wearing personalised baseball caps next...

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Biodun said...

Tell me about it.
It is disgraceful.

With any luck, the Tories will be able to use him and do the damage control on the havoc he will inevitably wreak.

Geldof's expertise lies in throwing throwing concerts, swearing and shouting.

He is good for publicity only.