Monday, January 09, 2006

He's not a celebrity, so get him out of there.

Just like to point fellow Gorgeous George watchers towards this site, constructed by some understandably peeved Bethnal Green and Bow constituents. The Big Brother house really is not the place for a well-paid public servant.

Don't get me wrong, I have a grudging respect(obvious pun I know) for anyone who puts their money where their mouth is and gets involved in politics, even if I do have problems with what they are saying. But Gorgeous needs to realise that being elected MP makes him a tool of the people, not some media figure free to gallivant off pretending to be a celebrity.

So fill the form in and tell George what you think of him, the sooner he's out the sooner he can get back to (supposedly) doing his job.

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MatGB said...

See, I was going to jokingly point to the argument made by a Respect rep on PM this afternoon about the House being in recess therefore what he does while on holiday is his business, and his duty as party leader is to get publicity.

Then I actually, checked my facts.

Christmas Recess

20 December 2005

9 January 2006

He's supposed to be working. He's not. He's also devaluing what could, otherwise, have been a useful alternative on the Left of politics; odds of them getting another MP plummet every day.

dave bones said...

all the way. what a tosser. Hes the most boring housemate by a long way.