Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dear Mr Schwarzenegger

I would just like to congratulate you, Governor Schwarzenegger, on the execution of blind wheelchair user Clarence Ray. Well done Sir, you have truly removed from this planet a danger to society, so much of a danger, that Ray had to be lifted onto the gurney in order that guards could administer his lethal injection.

I understand that it is Californian Law that those convicted of sufficiently heinous crimes are put to death, and that a man responsible for orchestrating two deaths (one whilst inside prison) does qualify on those grounds. But I also understand that it is the duty of any rational human being to oppose any law they see to be wrong, and the death penalty is wrong. Always. Especially, like in previous cases, when the defendant has shown large amounts of remorse, and indeed campaigned to educate others not to make the mistake they did.

I would like to take this opportunity to implore you to use your position to influence those in real positions of power to take a lasting step to do away with this outdated and barbaric law. 13 US states have already done it, Turkey has already done it, fuck it Senegal has already done it - lean on those in the US who still support the death penalty to do away with it.

I understand the position you are in; you need to appear strong to keep up your tough guy image, and need to be seen to be active in Californian politics to fuel that Presidential bid you might make one day. I know you can't be seen to go back on any of your decisions either, hell, even if you did want to, you can't - the Austrians don't want you any more anyway. But really, it's not that difficult to come around to a reasonable way of thinking - the power of the decision that you hold in your hands would more than overcome the fact that you had changed your mind over it.

As an additional bonus, if you do sort this mess out, I might go and buy some of your DVDs. Sounds like a good deal, right?


snooo said...

I loved the fact that they had to revive him shortly before he was executed.

He can't be killed him God, he has to be killed by Godimean the Governor!

snooo said...

be killed by God...


Biodun said...

I have to say, your posts bring a smile to my face every morning. Keep 'em coming.

By the way, I resent your italicizing Senegal. Boooooo!
The link was enough surely.

What're you trying to say about Senegal, eh? When I hear Senegal, I think democratic country, nice weather, gorgeous women, nice food.

You should go there and quit with the italicizing!

PaulJ said...

Yeah, Senegal was probably a bad pick. It's actually pretty stable from what I can tell - pretty democratic, no big wars, peaceful revolution a couple of years ago. There are probably 'worse' countries on the list which have also abolished the death penalty that I could have used instead.

I'd love to go there given the time and money. Maybe when I'm rich and famous for blogging, I'll buy a plane ticket and go there.

No offense meant anyway. Well, obviously offense meant to Mr. Schwarzenegger, but not to anybody else.

MatGB said...

Biodun, happy to amuse, even if it was Paul for this one. He's explained Senegal, I'm guessing he did a 'pick a random country of which we know little' thing.

I'll, um, go read your blog now, really must get around to adding it to my feeds.

I'd love to visit the place though (although I suspect my perception of 'nice weather' differs to yours; I like English weather), but, well, finance says no :-(

Serf said...

How anyone can get worked up over the death of a murderer is beyond me. Got riddance.

MatGB said...

Y'see, the thing is Mr Serf, some of us believe that the point of being civilised is that we're better than that, you treat people with compassion and do not follow eye for an eye.

Killing people is wrong, unless you've no other choice. War should be avoided as best as possible, and the state should not, ever, kill in its name, especially not its own citizens.

To me, the death penalty is little better than state sanctioned murder.