Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Life through a lens

Just a quick post on the topic of privacy, and specifically freedom from the prying eyes of CCTV. Currently occurring in Liverpool is the trial of two Council workers accused of using CCTV to spy on a woman in her own flat.

Now as far as I can tell, this was an unfortunate occurrence where someone's home was covered by the field of view of a camera usually used for more mundane purposes. Whilst I suppose this is unavoidable, and potentially could throw up lots of the usual questions about privacy and the right to not have ones photo taken, I'll leave that for another time. This case seems reasonably clear-cut in condemning the actions of the voyeurs anyway, who dimmed the lights, projected the tape onto a screen, and invited the boys round.

The point of this thread is to highlight the beautiful irony of the whole situation. Because how were the peeping-toms caught? On the CCTV monitoring them of course. Sublime, absolutely sublime.

The watchmen, it seems, sometimes are being watched.

(A more thought out and less mocking thread on issues of privacy coming soon)

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MatGB said...

Qui custodes custodiat? I like that one.